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Eisenwerk Wittigsthal GmbH
Eisenwerkstr. 1
08349 Johanngeorgenstadt

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Eisenwerk Wittigsthal GmbH
Eisenwerkstr. 1
08349 Johanngeorgenstadt

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Born of fire!

... a speciality from the Ore Mountains

... Heat moulds

we have been moulding metal for 371 years!

We punch, laser, cut, bend, weld, rivet, toxin and coat metal.

What chemists simply call oxidation processes is the elixir that creates something new for Wittigsthal.

Today, the fire may no longer be physically burning, but the furnace is still hot.
At just under 800-1000°C, the enamel, in other words the melting glass, is heated, liquefied and moulded.

The result is a product for eternity!

Even if the metal under the enamel should disappear. With careful handling, the shelf life of glass is at least 50,000 years, so it can be kept almost indefinitely.

Historical treasures are created!
The first known enamel work is 3500 years old and was found as grave goods in Mycenaean tombs on Cyprus. The ancient Egyptians were also familiar with enamel work. The enamelling technique was used intensively by the Celts in 500 BC. Also known as blood enamel.

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