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UP-fix® Clever easy

The latest innovation, the "UP-fix® Clever easy", is a useful addition to the product family of the industry leader UP-fix®. This step marks a decisive further development in the water meter module segment, which specifically addresses the current requirements in the area of installation and water management.

The "UP-fix® Clever easy" revolutionises the handling of potential water leaks thanks to an intelligent design that ensures that water is channelled directly out of the wall in the event of a drip and is therefore immediately visible. This innovative solution effectively minimises the risk of water damage, offers preventative protection for the building and is easy to install.

True to the line of UP-fix® products, the UP-fix® Clever easy impresses with its versatility in the installation of concealed water meters and valves. It fulfils the requirements of EnEV 2014, comes pre-assembled ready for connection, is 100% leak-tested and offers additional sound and heat insulation to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

The UP-fix® Clever easy is a progressive solution that lays the foundation for the next generation of water meter installation - intuitive, safe and innovative.

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Eisenwerk Wittigsthal has stood for innovation, tradition and responsibility for over 370 years. Thanks to the deep trust in the community, the expertise and the active communication of employees and customers, the products and the company itself are now among the most innovative in the building technology sector throughout Europe.

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In most cases, our successful and diverse product portfolio offers a solution for your building technology needs. Nevertheless, it may be the case that only a customised building technology solution can help with your individual requirements. We are also your specialised partner in this case and are sure to find a solution for your individual application.

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